Anneke Dukker, Artist, Delft
I have had six months of yoga lessons from Jan. He is a very nice and open-minded person. In the yoga class he pays special attention to the performance of your pose. When needed he corrects it. My performance has improved significantly. I’ve learned a lot in his lessons. He is able to listen and to think about your specific problem.

F. van Exter, General Practioner, Den Haag

I thought yoga was just something for agile people which would be wasted on me. I tried yoga on the advice of my physiotherapist, due to complaints of neck and shoulder. Since then I have been a loyal student in Jan’s yoga classes. He takes into account everyone’s capabilities and limitations. After the yoga class, my body and mind are relaxed.

Emir Karamehmedovic, Contract Management Director at Accenture, Rotterdam
Jan is a dedicated Yoga Teacher with extensive expertise that he likes to share with his students. The way Jan has us perform all kinds of poses again and again is very inspiring. His exercises are challenging and make me sweat a lot. Results: more flexibility, less suffering from my hernia, a lower blood pressure, better concentration and a good night rest after class. I learned a lot from Jan in the past six months. I have already recommended yoga to many people in my area and am committed to continue my own “yoga-journey”.

Lenie Huisken, Documentalist European Commission, Brussel

Jan is a highly professional Iyengar yoga teacher. He has in-depth knowledge of how different parts of the body are connected. During his class it is amazing to experience how deeply the postures affect the body. It is very beneficial to your health and well-being. I like the variety of postures in Jan’s classes and his clear instructions.

Petra Kluiters, Eventmanager, buro Raad & Daad, Zoetermeer

Jan is a dedicated and honest teacher, not only during the yoga class; he is yoga! He regularly communicates to myself and the other students his belief in yoga as a way to become physically and mentally more balanced. I have experienced that yoga gives me strength, flexibility and peace of mind. I will continue to work on it.