Studio space for rent

For those interested in renting studio space weekly and for a longer period of time

This attractive and spacious yoga studio is in the basement of the Hague landmark, the Red Elephant. The bright, oak floor has a surface area of ​​approximately 96 square meters. In the morning, when the sun shines, the studio is full of light. There is air conditioning and the temperature of 21 degrees can be adjusted slightly lower or higher.

In the corridor opposite the studios are spacious and clean men’s and women’s restrooms. Further along the hallway are two showers.

Also in the basement is a restaurant where, on weekdays, you can enjoy a healthy and delicious lunch.

The yoga studio is ideal for Tai Chi, Chi Kong, Pilates, meditation, dance or group training. The room may only be entered in socks or bare feet. There is a sound system for playing music with the aid of blue tooth.

The studio may be rented for € 30,= per hour excl. VAT

If you are interested, please contact Dineke Los, tel. 06 18 09 48 71 or send an
e-mail to: